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Natural Make Up Tips

Generally, a lot of girls are asking how to nourish skin naturally? And many others among the girls buy and wear expensive makeup just to get a beautiful face and charming. Among them occasionally even excessive makeup or even mutually beauty brand to fit the health of their faces, but not beauty even earned their skin becomes damaged and no longer emit the skin's natural beauty.

Make Up Tips

Here are some natural make up tips are based on several experimental of beauty experts who make up the course without excessive:

  1. If you want to leave the house do not forget to wear mascara! It can brighten your eyes, and also of course to reduce the impression of a sleepy or tired. 
  2. Do not underestimate the bronzer or blush. Skin Bronzer purchase useful to stimulate the face, and set the bones. If you are looking for a dewier look, apply a cream blush with your fingers or a sponge. You smile and pat on the apples of your cheeks. A round face, apply bronzer over your blush, just below the apples of your cheeks. This makes the face look very flexible and well defined. Do not forget to add a bit where the sun hits your face like nose, jaw, and cheek. 
  3. Use a skin moisturizer that suits your skin type at night, this is done because when night will reproduce the facial skin of dead skin cells that comes out through the pores and cells change with a new skin, and of course when you wake up in the day, you will find your skin is soft and supple and charming. I strongly encourage you to buy skin moisturizing cream for night which of course adapted to your skin type, so you will get a natural skin tone while up in every morning. 
  4. Do not use other lip moisturizer, lip balm and excessive and just use Vaseline, do it every night when going to sleep and rejuvenation will occur on your lips and of course ready to wear lipstick every morning. 
  5. A foundation goes a long way! Put a dime size or less and apply with a sponge or just use your hands. Do not underestimate your finger - they make a great tool! If you have red skin or spots, apply loose powder with a large fluffy brush over foundation. This will minimize oil production and conceal redness. 
  6. Do not overdo it with the help of correction! If you have dark circles, make sure you take a bit of concealed and use your index finger or a concealed brush to pat the darkness away. To hide the redness, use a green concealed, yellow concealed or use-based mixture goes dark circles. Be sure to use very little to neutralize the skin. If you use a lot, you can look "cakey" and it seems that especially the pictures. 
  7. At night it seems, apply a small flake in large numbers to the temples, cheekbones and collarbone. MAC mineralize skin suggest Finish. It is very light and has just enough brightness to illuminate at night! Also for dramatic effect, decreasing eyeliner on the upper lid, make sure the wing at the end, it gives you a sexy look! 
  8. Do not be afraid to apply some color 'to my lips! If you have light skin / pale, try peach or nude lipstick or lip gloss with a touch of shine. If you tan / medium / dark skin, try purple, peach, brown or pink. If you're feeling bold, try bright red! For more exciting, bought two shades of red, dark, and then the other. Use darker colors first and then apply a light in the middle of the lips. For more details, applying lip gloss to lipstick. Do not forget to coat your lips, it makes a big difference! 
  9. Exfoliation is essential! Using a gentle exfoliating scrub once a week as St Ives Apricot scrub, remove all the dead skin cells on your face can make skin scaly. This will leave you refreshed, soft and ready for makeup! 
  10. Do not forget to smile and show your teeth! You can try to gently whitening teeth, such as whitening toothpaste mouth wash. In addition, the use whitening toothpaste that has an agent in it, will promote good oral hygiene, and eccentric to give you a smile!

By implementing some of the tips above, the beauty of your skin and your overall look beautiful and fresh naturally without excessive make up and you are ready to perform daily activities with the beauty that radiates from within you.

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